Adaptations: Romeo and Juliet Cast News

Ed Westwick is in final talks for the role of Tybalt in the latest big screen version of Romeo and Juliet.

Director Carlo Carlei is at the helm with Julian Fellowes on scriptwriting duty. Hailee Steinfeld is already cast as Juliet, with Holly Hunter as Nurse. Ed has perfected the complex bad boy playing Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl, so I can see him as a convincing Tybalt.

Romeo is yet to be cast, and I’ve been thinking about who I’d like see in this latest remake. Perhaps Nicholas Hoult or Jamie Campbell Bower?

Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 adaptation is one of my favourite films; the combination of Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes was fantastic. This one will have a tough job surpassing that, but the cast is already exciting. Filming in Italy is due to begin this summer. Are you interested in another version of Shakespeare’s play?

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